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Commercial Residential Permit Acquisition Soil Studies Septic System Design
Septic System Installation Septic System Repair Septic System Maintenance

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5. If no permit has been obtained please check all that apply:

I am having issues with my septic system please contact me
I would like to know if my property is suitable for a septic system
I have soil studies but no permit or design
I have a certification letter
I have a septic system design but I would like to discuss redesigning my septic system for a less expensive, less intrusive system which requires less maintenance (Clearstream Wastewater NC3T)

6. I would like Farmer's Septic System, Inc. to contact me and provide a cost estimate for the following service or services (check all that apply):
Soil Studies
Septic System Installation
Septic System Repair
Septic System Maintenance
Septic Tank Pumping
Other (Please let us know below)

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1. Please provide a physical address and driving directions to your site. If you are using Google, MapQuest, Bing, or other maps please set your starting point at
Farmer's Septic Service, Inc.
125 Blue Crab Drive, Moon Va. 23119.

2. For new construction sites, building lots, or large tracks of land there may not be a physical addresses or 911 #. In such cases please provide route #s and intersecting route #s as we have to contact Miss Utility Virginia before digging (soil studies, septic system repair, septic system installation, etc.).

3. In most cases a plat of your property or building lot will be required for us to provide soil studies, septic system design, or permit acquisition.

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