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The Clearstream Wastewater System model 600NC3T is a small sewage treatment plant designed for homes and business using up to 600 GPD. The NC3T starts its treatment process with a 428 gallon trash tank. A small trash tank allows for better treatment in the Clearstream ATU. Larger septic tanks and septic tank filters can starve ATU's of food needed for aerobic bacteria and other micro-organisms to convert incoming sewage into clear, odorless, organically stable water. The 428 gallon tank is not a septic tank but a trash tank with the only purpose of stopping material introduced into the system that cannot be broken down by micro-organisms.
The 428 gallon trash tank, 600 GPD ATU and 730 gallon pump chamber are built into a single topseam tank design. This design has been NSF Standard 40 tested and approved. The NC3T has only one inlet pipe, all other piping is internal. Professional Enginee'rs and AOSE's prefer this design over using three separate tanks because it achieves better treatment, no settling between tanks, there is less chance of ground water infiltration and provides for a much stronger tank. 600 NC3T

The NC3T has 2 baffle walls inside the tank that are poured together with wire, fiber and 5000 psi concrete. The top and bottom are reinforced with rebar making the NC3T a structural sound design and a true monolithic poured tank. The top is sealed on with a mastic seal. Access risers are cast into the concrete top. This provides for a water tight tank with less chance of ground water infiltration. Ground water infiltration is a major cause of septic system failure. The Clearstream NC3T single tank design saves space and looks much nicer after installation. Once the incoming sewage has been treated in the ATU it flows into the pump chamber in some cases to be treated by UV disinfection providing TL3 quality effluent. The pump chamber is equipped with a high head stainless steel sewage pump, attached to pump is a spin filter. The purpose of the spin filter is to remove solids and send them back to the trash tank for further treatment. Each time the pump is activated a small amount of effluent is sent back to the trash tank and retreated resulting in greater nitrogen reduction. The remaining effluent is sent to a drip field or leach field for final treatment in the soils.

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Farmer’s Septic Service, Inc. has teamed up with our preferred ENGINEER'S and AOSE'S to design quality septic systems that are less expensive to design, install and maintain. The Clearstream NC3T’s single tank design & below grade installation meet our requirements to give customers an inexpensive quality septic system.

For more information on Clearstream Systems please visit www.alcatprecast.com. Alcat Precast, Inc., our sister company, sells Clearstream Wastewater Systems and products to licensed septic system installers all over the state of Virginia. This system is one of the finest aerobic wastewater systems available today and is manufactured locally in Mathews County.